Sunday, November 22, 2009

Digital Marketing Channels and Your Branding

Due to the fast way in which the Internet is evolving, there is now a plethora of digital channels which can be used to hold a dialogue between a brand and a consumer, for example, between your hotel and your future or repeat guests.

The Cluetrain Manifesto written by four visionaries in 1999 (which is now a very long time ago) predicted the Internet would evolve to a point where the consumer holds the "power" and no longer could the corporate world continue to communicate to their markets (the people they wish to interact with) in a push marketing or broadcast manner. How right they were.

The internet has evolved and people/consumers can now be very selective about which brands they choose to interact with; and have the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings globally. Such mediums on the social web - including blogs, social networks, groups within social networks and video sites - can all be utilised by consumers.

“Travel planning is still one of the leading reasons consumers use these channels. If you want gays and lesbians to find your hotel, attraction, event or tour when they are planning their holidays, you better be going digital,” says gay tourism marketing specialist Dee Farrell.

Ïf you need to assess your online marketing strategy in terms of reaching the gay market, hire an expert to fine tune your campaign and then hirë a content creator to contribute to the blogs, video channels and Facebook and Twitter accounts you’ve established.”

Edited from Wikipedia and comments by a Digital Marketing Maven

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